Saturday, September 24, 2016

Mr Ward Demo 98

Lesion Maker 2

Bryce Brushnefski - Guitar
Joseph Henaghan - Bass VI, Microtone Delay
Jason Ormsby - Guitar

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Nutsponge - Still Sweatin Demo 98

What can I say?  Truly a integral part of my musical growth.  Back before someone decided "Nutsponge" sounded like a joke band name.  Wherever we are now, this was crucial jams for anyone from Plattsburgh in the late 90's DIY music scene.  Also this is the first real band I ever played in (the later era after the name changed to "This Broken Rule"). 

I tried to interview J about this, but I didn't get much information out of him.  These kids played every other show at Something Cool and the "Church Basement".

Augie and I used to argue about how to correctly play "Self Contempt"...

I did not participate on this recording.

J Krak - Vocals
Jared Krak - Drums
Jason Ormsby - Bass
David Light - Guitar

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Bennett Bangers - 1/29/16
This is a performance for my companies holiday party, the band consisting of employees of said company.
To date the first and only time I have learned cover songs and played them in public.  Anyone familiar with my means and methods understands how foreign this scenario would be.  I actually learned quite a bit about playing "normal" stuff.  I had a good time hanging out with my co-workers and would gladly do it again.

The bands slogan is "Come get hammered with us."

1.  Get Back - Beatles  (I forgot to hit record for this!)
2.  Breakdown - Tom Petty
3.  Down on the Corner - CCR
4.  Your So Bad - Tom Petty
5.  Big Ten Inch - Aerosmith
6.  Honey Don't - Beatles (Carl Perkins)
7.  Little Sister - Elvis
8.  Summertime Blues -  Eddie Cochran
9.  Buy Me a Boat - Chris Jansen
10.  Move it on Over - Hank Williams

Dave Malone -Vocals
Chuck McGurk - Vocals
Greg Jackson - Guitar
Joseph Henaghan - Bass / Bass VI
Jason Watson - Drums
Tony Cichiano - Drums