Monday, September 29, 2008

Tuning Madness

For the record, because inevitably I will forget the following data:

This Broken Rule - EADGBE, DADGBE all strings
Three Shades To Eve - CGCFAD all strings
The Wind - BEADF#B guitar, EADG bass
Lantern - BEADF#B both guitars, AEAAEA acoustic; sometimes no tuning required.
Boon - BEADF#B guitar, EADG bass #1, CGCF bass #2
Peasant - AEADF#B guitar, EADG bass
Bonglord - AEADF#B
Permanent Trip - AEADF#B guitar, EADG bass

Recently I enjoy AEADF#A, and sometimes a bit of the ole AEAAEA on the beater acoustic with the broken neck.

More soon, still messing with the newest Lantern abomination recorded a month or so ago - Hideous Manifestations of the God Chancre from Beyond, or whatever the name evolves to in the coming months.


Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lantern - Traveling Through Recessus Labyrinthi... and the Uncharted Encephalon Spring 2004

Recorded in 2004, this mindfuck turns inside out on itself and regurgitates chaos into the sonic palate. The name alone of this sonic nightmare was a birthing of pure madness. Twin guitar drone and pure volume. The soundscape of a barren wasteland with minivans burned to the ground in a act of mindless tribal violence.

Bryce Brushnefski - V4, Samples
Joseph Henaghan - V4

Recorded on a Tascam 4 track that I traded a signed photo of William Shatner for.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This Broken Rule - 2000

Punk-Hardcore or another madness from 2000.


J Krak -Vocals
Jared Krak - Drums
Joseph Henaghan - Guitar
Jason Ormsby - Bass
Jayme Peck - Guitar

Recorded at Studio Peter Pan in Montreal Quebec by Radwan Momneh 2000.

Boon - 2004

Snippets of one of my personal favorite projects from the past.


Pure sonic terror.

Bryce Brushnefski - v4 fullstack (2 heads)
Trevor Cole - SVTClassic
Joseph Henaghan - Beatings
Chuck Tetreault - SVT3

chuck / joe / bryce / trevor (Boon 2004)

One love.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Wind - October 30th 2003, Live

Download location:

Trevor Cole - Bass
Joseph Henaghan - V4
Jason Ormsby - Drums

Recorded on Halloween 2003 @ some church in Plattsburgh using a 2 head cassette deck and 2 poorly positioned microphones. To the best of my knowledge this is the only existing recording of this project with myself playing guitar.

Lantern: Twilight - July 10-11 2004

Download location:

Bryce Brushnefski - V4
Leta Grey - Vocals
Joseph Henaghan - V4
Chuck Tetreault - svt3, didj

Recorded July 10th + 11th 2004 @ the Granary in Morrisonville, NY by Larry Dolan.
Small independent release, maybe 20(?) in circulation on crappy cd-r's.

Three Shades To Eve - April 15-17 2000

Download location:

Donny Green - Bass
Joseph Henaghan - Guitar
Ian Jones - Vocals
Jared Krak - Drums
August Snow - Guitar
Kaherawaks Thompson - Vocals

Recorded on 1" Tape @ Studio Peter Pan in Montreal, Quebec by Radwan Momneh April 15, 16 + 17 2000

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Peasant - February 15th, 2005


Download Location:

Trevor Cole - SVT Classic
Joseph Henaghan - Beatings
Mike Murphy - SUNN O))) Beta Lead

Recorded on four track with one microphone @ 244 rt 374 Cadyville NY.
Never performed live. Not even once.

The Begining

For years I have felt the desire to make available for mass consumption recordings of various projects that I have done in the past. Most, if not all of these never saw any sort of release aside from a small d.i.y. release for a show or passed by friends to strangers.

While it doesn't bother me that I have a massive horde or noise/sounds recorded that few if any will ever hear, there are other participants on these recordings, and who knows, maybe there is interest. Or not. I will provide with each recording full documentation as best as I can remember, as well as names of persons guilty of involvement.

All of the recordings here will be published via the Creative Commons license with, and are freely available for download and mass infection.