Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lantern - Streaming the Witches Seance, While Traversing the Black Void

Recorded live @ 56 Elm October 2009. Poking and prodding at the "demons" present in this former gallows. Get it @


Anonymous said...

I heard that during this recording, they kidnapped, and hypnotized 3 teenage girls, and forced them to perform an evocation ritual in the basement!!! They were given an Ougi board, and told to sit on the floor. The amplifiers were then pointed towards the unfortunate individuals. I can't help but think of the poor tortured souls subjected to the wretched pandemonium conjured by these nefarious sound sorcerers!! What kind of hell do we live in?

I also heard that the evocation back-fired, and became an Invocation; when the spirit of a woman inhabited one of the young girls bodies. If you turn it up loud and listen closely you can hear the screams of the hapless lassies, among many other malevolent noises shrieking through the gallows!

I label this album as one of the many that should be banned from the planet earth!!!


Joseph Henaghan said...

Our actions were not our intentions. Magick works in mysterious ways sometimes. Nobody was permanently damaged as far as I know.