Saturday, December 7, 2013

Children Of Crowley - Live at the ROTA 112913

By not so random chance luck, I had the pleasure of contributing to this birthing.  Geographic boundaries cannot contain our will.  By hook or by crook our will is of the LAW.

Jason Ormsby - Drums, Synth
Bryce Brushnefski - Guitar
Joseph Henaghan - Guitar 

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the thin fiber of the cosmos
rides the wavering beast
a spider web filament
journey to uncharted
worlds of unknown
contained in each cell
converse with your mind
it happens all the time
a mantra spoken once
falls on cold hearts
this I can tell you

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lantern - The Tornado Loves Us All Equally

The continued quest for vibration.  Equal parts Shaman ritual and random nonsense.

Bryce Brushnefski - Guitars, FX, Drums
Joseph Henaghan - Guitars, FX

Recorded June 1, 2013 @ 56 Elms St.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Wandering The Streets Of The Filthy City And Finding More Of The Same Nonsense 2006

One of my last attempts to write "songs" for a so-called "band". Early version of what would become the one Bonglord song. Inspired by lonely nights wandering aimlessly through the infamous "college-ghetto".

Joseph Henaghan - Guitar

4 Track Nightmare vol 1 - 8. 2003-2012

Rediscovered treasures!  A box of cassette tapes and many sleepless nights when I was on paternity leave yielded this project.  All the usual suspects are present, doing the things that they did at that time.

Peasant was a project Trevor Cole, Mike Murphy and myself (playing bass, guitar and drums respectively) attempted for about a year.  Mike would make the haul from Parishville to Cadyville once a month to work on these tunes, most of which were crafted in some mighty cold winter months.  Boon had called it quits, and Resonator was on haitus, so Peasant it was.  We worked tirelessly on writing these songs, and yet never once played a show.  The closest we came to releasing this madness on the world was my mothers friends enjoying the "benefits of the vibrations" we were creating.  This recording of Peasant is much better than the demo that I have previously shared.

This particular Lantern jam features Chuck Tetreault and myself reunited after Chuck decided to ditch the east coast in favor of the allure of the far west.  Around this time we decided that Lantern would be a open ended project that could be any combination of the players available for it.  Bringing back with him the secrets of the west and methods/practices for opening the 4th eye meat socket.  Missy and I were both staying with my mom this particular winter, and took advantage of her deafness and the subterranean practice space where much of my early musical abortions were birthed.  The one primary lesson learned during these exercises was the difference between a water glass and a juice glass. 

This recording was labeled "Unknown madness 04?".  I know its Bryce and myself.  Probably during the period where it wasn't considered a Lantern jam if there were drums.

The second half is a recording of a Boon pracice.  More bass than a body can stand.  "It sounds neat" (according to Chuck on the recording). 

7027 was what I called my solo endevors during this time period(2002-2003).  Mainly a sketchpad for sonic idea's of any sort.  Also on this recording is a jam with my friend Elizabeth Glushko, who is quite the accomplished musician.  More accoustic guitar than would be expected is contained herein. 

Seems to be me playing one long drone by myself.  I can only guess that its around 2004ish, as I started using pro-tools and other non tape recording methods around 2005.

Lantern:BB-Guitar, JH-Guitar, 2003 

Lantern Spring 04, around the time we recorded "Twilight" 

Jam with J-O, @ 946?   Upon first playing this back, about fifteen minutes in I realized that it was recorded over the opposite of a Marilyn Manson cassette, and that I had not recorded to all 4 tracks, just two.  Something similar happened when we were mixing the Three Shades To Eve recording.  To save money, we reused the 1" tape that held the This Broken Rule sessions prior.  In mixdown, out of nowhere Jays vocals crept through the mix from the old recording.  Doom/Drone freakout.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Vibrational Research Laboratories Session 3 - Itinere Vallem Templum

 Recorded June 08, 2013 @ Bramans Corners NY.

Persistent sonic exploration of otherworldly dimensions yields ever expanding tonal vocabulary.  Unlocking the brain to the wonders of the universe is our mission.

C.  Baird Buchanan - Guitar, Drums
Joseph Henaghan - Guitar

Monday, June 17, 2013

Vibrational Research Laboratories - Nightscape

Sometimes you just cant stop the drone from flowing.  Even a lack of real instrument cannot keep us from vibrating our noggins and hearts.

Recorded in Boston on a park bench after seeing the first of two nights of Boris.

C.  Baird Buchanan - Fruit Phone
Joseph Henaghan - Space Phone

Saturday, May 18, 2013

VIbrational Research Laboratories - Session One 4/27/13

VRL is my newest journey in audial exploitation with my good friend Baird Buchanan.  After 8 years in the Capital Region of New York I have finally found someone willing to coax drone and vibrations from the ether with. 

C. Baird Buchanan - Guitar, FX

Joseph Henaghan - Guitar, FX + 12" Diamond Saw Blade

Photo by Veronica.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The germans found us?

"mmh little bit of info for such great music. Does this remind me somehow of Projeckt the quiet moments of Gybe, Earth, Sickoakes or Sigur Ros. ... somehow not only again. I'm not necessarily a friend of this kind of music, but this one somehow manages to captivate me.
Why is this so mmh now that's hard to say ... damn I knew it but there is a tick in the matter if you look at something takes in :) The Lantern - Twilight is reacted with the intention emotional points in the music in foreground shall be called to work with much delay and a little feedback the whole is accompanied by a woman's voice as if she is so sound of despair very close to the drones (bass) float like a threat to the whole and give the respective song the necessary seriousness.
All work considered together, the five songs are all very evenly matched up to each other on the small flaw with the song entitled "Four" Unfortunately aufweißt ask a few faulty.
So then draws you time and makes you part of the judgment itself."

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lantern - Harsh Dew of the Doglands

April 5, 2013

Joseph Henaghan and Bryce Brushnefski:

Banjo, Acoustic Guitar, Theremin, Space Phone, Snaps, Keys, Crafty Hens, Homebrews and the cheapest Tequilla known to the Bog.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Womb Crusher - 030313

Explorations in sonic manipulations. Pitch shifting terror and vibrations.

Meghan Baker - Bass and knob fiddling
Joseph Henaghan - Bass and coercion

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Abadon - Destroyer

Songs that I wrote/played for my son during the first 3 months of 2013 whilst on paternity leave.

Joseph Henaghan - Acoustic Guitar, Sequencing
Isaac Henaghan - Toy Butterfly, Rattle, Squeaks and Laughs

The original concept/name was of course conceived in reaction to the alleged end of days, December 21'st 2012.  Some of the initial recordings were born that date.  The rest was conceived early 2013.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pupa rated #2 Noise track of 2012

2. Lantern
"Pupa" (self-released)

New Yorkers Bryce Brushnefski and Joseph Henaghan feed codeine to their de-tuned guitars and stage a prolonged death match so epic, unrelenting, and crude that it'll help you get over the lack of Dead C product this year. These dudes make tons of noise in a slew of other bands and projects that are worth exploring, if this sort of thing is your jeweled chalice of lye.

Lantern - Triptophan Triptych

Reverse sonic prolapse vibratory medication.  If Bryce and I lived in the same town there would likely be a weekly Lantern release.  Magick should not be tailored to trick you, but to make you believe.

Bryce Brushnefski - Guitars, Drums, Rattle and Hum
Joseph Henaghan - Guitars, Drums, Stewarts Brand Energy Drink

Recorded 11/18/12 at 56 Elm in that ole hole.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Womb Crusher 3

The medium is the massage.  !  ? 

Womb Crusher:
Meghan Baker - Bass, Pitch Shifting
Joseph Henaghan - Guitar, 12" Diamond Saw Blade

We've been making a ritual of having Meghan up for a weekend or so.  This is when the crushing usually occurs.  We typically consume every single beer in the house, and then stay up until 4am listening to records in the library and talking about creating noise machines out of garbage and whatnot and what have you.

Recorded January 2013 at Brahmans Corners, Westerlo NY.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Once upon a time we played songs.  These songs had names.  Eventually, we became to lazy to call the songs by their names, and started referencing them as the number in the sequence which they were created  Song 1, song 5 etc.  Then we stopped feeling obligated to have singers, or "lyrics",  so gone were the song names, simply because the "songs" had no lyrics to derive a name from.  Then we stopped playing songs altogether.  We just played.  And play on we did....

Wednesday, February 27, 2013