Saturday, June 9, 2012


Bryce Brushnefksi - Guitars
Joseph Henaghan - Guitars
Jason Ormsby - Drums
Chuck Tetreault - Bass

Jason Ormsby (A.k.a. Jelvis, J-O etc) has been a musical co-conspirator of mine since day one. I remember in 1998 him talking of creating a Irradiated Alien Bovine persona to torture willing ears with. This project was long delayed by the scattering of its players across zip codes and time zones. Recorded in the basement of the Koffee Katt in Plattsburgh NY.

Lantern - Pupa

Inverse black hole journey into the center of a round corner. Only a few ears were ripped to shreds in the spewing of this blasphemic anti-music sonic fuckery. Surprisingly, only guitars were used to create this sonic abuse. Who needs fancy noise machines when armed with blazing loud amplifiers, dark beer and loved ones.

Bryce Brushnefski - Guitar
Joseph Henaghan - Guitar

Recorded at 56 Elm St Plattsburgh 2010(+/-)ish.