Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The germans found us?


"mmh little bit of info for such great music. Does this remind me somehow of Projeckt the quiet moments of Gybe, Earth, Sickoakes or Sigur Ros. ... somehow not only again. I'm not necessarily a friend of this kind of music, but this one somehow manages to captivate me.
Why is this so mmh now that's hard to say ... damn I knew it but there is a tick in the matter if you look at something takes in :) The Lantern - Twilight is reacted with the intention emotional points in the music in foreground shall be called to work with much delay and a little feedback the whole is accompanied by a woman's voice as if she is so sound of despair very close to the drones (bass) float like a threat to the whole and give the respective song the necessary seriousness.
All work considered together, the five songs are all very evenly matched up to each other on the small flaw with the song entitled "Four" Unfortunately aufweißt ask a few faulty.
So then draws you time and makes you part of the judgment itself."

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lantern - Harsh Dew of the Doglands

April 5, 2013

Joseph Henaghan and Bryce Brushnefski:

Banjo, Acoustic Guitar, Theremin, Space Phone, Snaps, Keys, Crafty Hens, Homebrews and the cheapest Tequilla known to the Bog.