Thursday, March 3, 2016

Nutsponge - Still Sweatin Demo 98

What can I say?  Truly a integral part of my musical growth.  Back before someone decided "Nutsponge" sounded like a joke band name.  Wherever we are now, this was crucial jams for anyone from Plattsburgh in the late 90's DIY music scene.  Also this is the first real band I ever played in (the later era after the name changed to "This Broken Rule"). 

I tried to interview J about this, but I didn't get much information out of him.  These kids played every other show at Something Cool and the "Church Basement".

Augie and I used to argue about how to correctly play "Self Contempt"...

I did not participate on this recording.

J Krak - Vocals
Jared Krak - Drums
Jason Ormsby - Bass
David Light - Guitar