Friday, February 10, 2012

Three Shades To Eve - Demo 2000

More soon.


Anonymous said...

TSTE reunion tour 2012!

Joseph Henaghan said...

I cant play that fast anymore.

Anonymous said...

It will be TSTE 2.0 then, a bit older, a little slower. I can picture it now... TSTE is glowing marquee.

Anonymous said...

Bwahaha, let's do it. I would totally do a show for fun. I'm twice as angsty, and a decade older. How could it not be hilarious? We're those old jaded bastards that we used to make fun of.

The only time I ever use that voice now, is when some cray-cray tries to harass me on the streets of Toronto. Works like a charm, out-crazying the crazies.

Thanks for posting this, Joe!


Anonymous said...

for some reason decided to do a google search for Three Shades to Eve. This page popped up. I still have this demo tape i bought from years ago in Mass. Haven't listened to it in years, but i did listen to it. Hope y'all are still rockin' in one way or another.