Monday, September 29, 2008

Tuning Madness

For the record, because inevitably I will forget the following data:

This Broken Rule - EADGBE, DADGBE all strings
Three Shades To Eve - CGCFAD all strings
The Wind - BEADF#B guitar, EADG bass
Lantern - BEADF#B both guitars, AEAAEA acoustic; sometimes no tuning required.
Boon - BEADF#B guitar, EADG bass #1, CGCF bass #2
Peasant - AEADF#B guitar, EADG bass
Bonglord - AEADF#B
Permanent Trip - AEADF#B guitar, EADG bass

Recently I enjoy AEADF#A, and sometimes a bit of the ole AEAAEA on the beater acoustic with the broken neck.

More soon, still messing with the newest Lantern abomination recorded a month or so ago - Hideous Manifestations of the God Chancre from Beyond, or whatever the name evolves to in the coming months.


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